This project is an attempt at solving the issue of watching 360° videos on a non-moveable screen. 
Imagine watching a 360° video on a large format screen so that everyone can see what you're seeing. You cannot simply turn your head in all directions like you would in the case of wearing VR glasses or watching the video on your mobile phone but you can still harness the power of your mobile phone's integrated sensors.

Here's how it works:

I used two free Android apps (HyperIMU and Kontrolleur) to wirelessly transmit sensor data to a PC to capture one phone's current orientation accurately, while the other phone serves as a handheld touchpad that enables the user to zoom in and out, with the additional feature to switch to the next video in the playlist by simply shaking the phone.

All the data is constantly being streamed to a modified VVVV-Patch. A video is being projected on the inside of a virtual sphere, with the camera being inside that sphere. The data received by the phones the influences viewing angle and field of view. Input values are being filtered in order to make movements smoother.

Thanks to VVVV User sapo for providing the initial VVVV-Patch:

Technical Specifications
Coded in VVVV
HyperIMU + Kontrolleur

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